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Ensure You are visiting a Legitimate Website

How to recognize spoofed Web sites

Cyber criminals use Phishing scams to set up convincing spoofs of legitimate Web sites. They then try to trick users into visiting these Web sites and disclosing personal information, such as your Passwords, ATM Pin etc.

Cyber criminals use Web addresses that resemble the name of a well-known company but are slightly altered by adding, omitting, or transposing letters. For example, the address "www.microsoft.com" could appear instead as:

This is called "typo-squatting" or "cybersquatting."

Typo-squatters and cybersquatters can also create more insidious scams, such as downloading malicious software applications and spyware onto unprotected computers that connect to their sites.

So look closely the URL in the address field of your browser when you do online banking or online shopping.

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