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Vigilance Activities

( FOR THE MONTH OF May-2013 )



  • Sanction for prosecution accorded by DA during the month - NIL
  • Charge Sheet filed by CBI in the Court during the month - 01

Disciplinary Action

The following advice was rendered by the CVC for Disciplinary Action against officials (Non-CVC cases)

Nature of Advice Number of Cases
Ist Stage Advice IInd Stage Advice
Major Penalty 10 03
Minor Penalty 01 02
Administrative Action/ Caution etc. NIL NIL
Closure/ Exoneration NIL NIL
Total cases dealt by HO Vigilance Department 11 05

Action taken by the Disciplinary Authorities based upon CVO's Advice

Nature of Action taken Number of officials
Major Penalty Imposed 06
Major Penalty Imposed 01
For Hot Listing (Blocking)
ATM/Rupay Cards
(By SMS) 9223815844
For Debit Freeze Account
(By SMS) 8828837411
For Phone Banking Services
(Call) 1800-22-1908
For Balance Enquiry
(By Missed Call) 7039035156 (Toll Free)
All India Toll Free 1800-419-8300