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PSB Policies

Policy for Appointment of Statutory Central Auditors(Dated :18.11.2018)  
Compliance Policy of the Bank (Dated : 26.12.2017)  
Unclaimed Deposit Policy (Dated : 02.01.2018)  
Cheque/ Instrument Collection Policy (Dated : 30.05.2018)  
Business Responsibility Report(Dated :31.03.2017)  
Policy for dealing with Dishonour of Cheques including incidents of Frequent Dishonour of Cheques / Any Electronic Mandate (Dated: 05.04.2016)  
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy  
Policy on Outsourcing of Services (Dated: 22.09.2015)  
Revised Compensation Policy  (Dated : 04.01.2018)  
Customer Grievance Redressal Policy of the Bank (Dated: 13.02.2018)  
Procedure & Time Frame for handling Complaints  
Policy for Appointment of Statutory Central Auditors(Dated :23.11.2018)  
Deposit Policy of The bank (Dated:25.07.2018)  
Cheque Collection Policy (Dated: 05.04.2016)
USD Denominated Cheques Collection Policy
Whistle Blower Policy (Dated: 05.05.2018)  
Related Party Transactions Policy(Dated :17.01.2018)  
Instructions on settlement of death claims  
Settement of claims in respect of deceased depositers – fixing of fresh threshold limits  
Model Policy on Collection of dues and repossession of Security  
Code of Practices and Procedures for fair disclosures(Dated :28.09.2016)  
Code of Conduct to regulate, monitor and reporting trading by insiders(Dated :14.11.2017)  
Customer Rights Policy (Dated: 14.08.2015)  
MSME Policy  
Punjab & Sind Bank Corporate Governance code of conduct(Dated :28.09.2016)  
Dividend Distribution Policy(Dated :16.12.2016)  
For Hot Listing (Blocking)
ATM/Rupay Cards
(By SMS) 9223815844
For Debit Freeze Account
(By SMS) 8828837411
For Balance Enquiry
(By Missed Call) 7039035156 (Toll Free)
All India Toll Free 1800-419-8300