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Rate of Interest

Rate of Interest applicable for MSMEs advances, along with applicable concessions are as under:

Funded Exposure up to Rs 25 lakh:

Quantum Spread
Upto Rs.50000/- MCLR + 1.75 %
Above Rs.50000/- up to Rs.5 lakh MCLR + 2.00 %
Above Rs.5 lakh up to Rs.25 lakh MCLR + 2.25 %

Funded Exposure above Rs 25 lakh:

Credit Rating Spread
1 MCLR + 2.25 %
2 MCLR + 2.25 %
3 MCLR + 2.75 %
4 MCLR + 3.25 %
5 MCLR + 3.75 %
6 MCLR + 4.00 %
7 MCLR + 4.25 %

Additional Concessions:

  • Concession of 1% in ROI if collateral is 100% in all cases.
  • Concession of 0.25% in ROI if credit rating is 1 to 4 by SMERA, ICRA, ONICRA or CRISIL.
  • Concession of 0.25% if account is classified under Priority Sector Advances.
  • Concession of 1% for ODP/LAP/ Advances against Rent Receivable cases, where margin available is 50% and above by way of property (i.e. 200% and above coverage), under Priority Sector (including MSME if covered under Priority sector) is permitted. The maximum concession in this case should not exceed 1.25%.

Processing / Reviewal Charges

Credit Facility Processing Fee (Rs.) (plus applicable GST)
1. Fund based limit/ loan up to Rs. 25000/- NIL
2. Fund based limit/loan above Rs. 25000/- and upto Rs.2 lakh (including Real Estate Sector) Rs. 400/-
3.  Exposure above Rs.2 lakh other than to Real Estate Sector
a) W.C. – Funded/Non-funded   b). Term Loans above Rs.2 lakh    
  0.50%  with  minimum  of Rs.500  with no cap, at the time of sanction/renewal   1.00% (New Borrower)
0.75%(5 yr. Old Borrower)
0.50%(20 yr old Borrower)
(0.05% without any cap for every reviewal for Term Loan above Rs.10 lakh)
4. E xposure above Rs.2 lakh to Real Estate Sector a).W.C. funded/ non-funded above Rs.2 lakh and upto Rs. 50 lakh b).W.C. funded/ non-funded above Rs.50 lakh.   c) Term Loans above Rs.2 lakh     Rs. 500/- per lakh or part thereof with no cap   1.0% with no cap and 50% of applicable charges on renewal every year 1.00% (New Borrower)
0.75% (5 yr. Old Borrower)
0.50% (20 yr old Borrower)
(0.05% without any cap for every reviewal for Term Loan above Rs.10 lakh)
5. Consortium/ Multiple Banking Arrangement In case of consortium accounts, 0.25% fee to be charged. If other banks are charging higher fee, same is to be charged by our Bank.
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