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5 Tips to Keep Your Password Secret

Follow these 5 Tips to Keep Your Password Secret!!!

Tip # 1: Don't enter your password in unsafe computers.

Computers placed in public places such as- Internet Cafes, airport lounges, & conferences are considered unsafe for doing online transactions. So avoid using such computers for your online financial transactions.

Tip # 2: Don't reveal your password.

Don't provide/ divulge your password

  • to friends, and family members.
  • in response to an E-mail purportedly coming from your Bank.
  • to a person over phone posing himself as IT computer security staff/ Computer administrator of your Bank.

Tip # 3: Don't store your password on computer

Don't store password in a file in your computer because hackers can search such files. Ideally avoid writing down your password… memorize them!!!

Tip # 4: Use different password for different account and service

Never use same password for all your online accounts, such as- E-mail, Internet Banking, & online services.

Tip # 5: Change password frequently

Change your password on regular interval.

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